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Hello year 5 your the funniest class and you know what I am in MRS De Silvers class you know me I have been in Barlow hall for a long time.I like being in year 5 its the best class in Barlow Hall.I will give you a chance to figer me out and you should know if you realy dont know who I am the only tomboy in the classroom.Figer me out see you in class I wont say my name.

what i did in the holidays

what i did in the holidays

On holiday I had Eid.And I am going to tell you what I did.Well at friday mourning I wake up and I got dressed into my clothes and  I went downstairs all of my brothers and my dad went to  pray.Then they come  back then everyone huged and kissed and we said to each other happy Eid any way we had 7 days of Eid.Then we had the best lunch ever next my dad had to take my mum to the hospital because she had an appointment  they said when they came back we were going to go to my dads friends house.When we got there we and are friends played hide and seek we had the best time ever I never had that mouch fun.

After a few minutes we went home because we had my big brothers friends over my mum had to make tea for them because my brother dident know how to make terother and his friend went some were my mum said she will bring some yummy meat that I love in the world.



bon-fire night & halloween

bon-fire night & halloween

Hi guys yesterday (bon-firenight) we did llots of silver fountins and we did small rokets but they were rubish some exploded in the ground!!!! and others went in to my next door nabours house and exploded!! :0

but we did the big ones just one at first and they turend out good but the lick had wax on it so the fire actully dripped!!

but after a while it started fizzing and BANG!! i was quite sceard of the first one but it turend out good so i faced my fears and my friend molly was there she dosen’t go to this school but she is still my friend chyna came to but she couldent stay for the fire works sadly 🙁


i wnt to the halloween disco and had lot’s of fun with chyna and Elle Elle looked grate they both did and i scared my self in the mirror i gave elle my malteesers because she didden’t have any money 🙂 i would of got chyna something but i dident have any sweets left for her 🙁 🙁 🙁 on actual halloween i didden’t go trick or treating i had lots of sweets and there was a masive frankestien head that sceard dingo by the way dingos my dog :)  I went round the back of my house and sceard the trick or treaters it was halerious 😀


On the holiday i got three more fish now i have four fish my 4 are called         Lilly=goldfish      Posh=White & silver gold fish                 Dash= gold fish with black     and my favourite  Flutterby=shubunkin     i feed every monday so it was matthew go today (matthew’s my brothers he is in high school) i went mollys my friend for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever carrys on any way bye :))))





EMILY enjoy